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About Us


If you can be:
• Pretty Girl
• MC
• Presenter
• Singer
• Musician
• DJ
• Dancer
• Model
• Photographer
• Actor/Actress
• Comedian
• Thai Classical Dance
• Magician
• Hair Stylist
• Makeup Stylist
• Clothes Stylist
• Backstage
• Sound Crew
• etc...

"Then we want you to be our Talent"

We will give you the tools to help yourself succeed in the Entertainment Industry.

We will give you:

1 - Online Resume With Own Name

You are given a FREE online resume website address that we use to give to our Clients and Agencies. You can also send out your online resume to your own Clients, Model Agencies etc to help you find new work

Click For Example: www.SingaporeHasTalent.com?Dydy

2 - Your Own Business Cards

We are proud to have you as our Thailand, and as a Talent Premium Member we give you FREE Business Cards. The cards will display your name, your nickname in English and Thai and also your Online Resume address.

"Create a professional look and 1st impression when you meet your Clients with these Business Cards"

3 - Other Features

Upload Pictures:
Our advanced server technology allows you to upload any picture of any size and our server will automatically compress and convert it.
This is to save you time and your allocated space.

Upload Audio Demo:
Demo your own music online.
If you are a Singer or are in a Band, let our Clients and Agencies hear your songs and music.
Singapore Has Talent is a promoter of new and exciting music, and is happy to push your music demo to record and recording companies.

Upload Casting Video:
You can upload a Casting Video that our Clients can see which will give you a better chance of being choosen for the Event (Casting Videos, Music Demos, On Stage At Event Audio etc...).

Email Alerts for Casting:
As a Talent Glow Member you will receive Email Alerts when new Events are created so that you will be the 1st ones to know about the Event and the Casting.
This will give you a better chance of being acceptted to attend Casting.

Apply For Casting:
Everyday our Clients and Agencies are creating new Events and searching for Talent.
But some Clients like to Broadcast their Event so that Talent can apply for Casting directly. You will see all the Casting listed on the home page of Singapore Has Talent and you can apply for Casting for FREE.

We send your resume to our Clients and if they like you and your resume, they will send you an SMS with the Organisers details so that you can arrange for a Casting Date.

Resume Listed in Talent Search Engine:
Our Thailand Search Engine is very advanced, allowing our Clients and Agencies to specify anything they require like height, weight, Resume, location, type of work etc..

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